Why You Need To File Your Personal Injury Claim Quickly

Sep 19, 2017

Have you ever wondered how unpredictable life is? Within a split second, your life could change drastically. You could get hit by a car, fall down from the stairs, or perhaps a construction worker could get hit by a drill. A person could get paralyzed or any other mishap could occur. The point is the world is an unsafe place where you could be victimized and still not get any compensation for all the emotional, physical, and financial damage it may cost you.

You become victims of bureaucracy, corruption and politics. In order to ensure that you are not victimized and get what you rightfully deserve for your injury, you must file a claim as soon as possible.

Why You Need to Act Immediately

Delaying the process of personal injury claim can lead to difficulties in resolving the claim. It becomes much more challenging for lawyers, and if insurance carriers are involved to conduct investigation and observe the severity and cause of injury.

Statutes of limitations

The states’ statutes of limitations gives the appropriate amount of time period within which a notice or claim should be filed. Handing over a notice prevents other lawyers from defending against a lawsuit, if the victim decides to proceed with the case.

Compensation of loss

At times, the injuries caused by the concerned parties are extremely detrimental, preventing the injured from working for a long period of time or even permanently. In such cases, it is extremely crucial for the victim to a file a claim so that he or she can recover lost wages.

Treatment and Bills

Depending on the extent of the damage caused the victim might need therapy, medical care, which means medical bills will line up. In cases of permanent disability, the individual might need a lot of financial security. All these can only be compensated for if the injured lawyers up and files a claim immediately.

Increased cost of claim is directly proportional to waiting period

The Harvard financial service group studies have shown the cost of the claim gets higher each day you wait for the injury to be reported.

Justice versus litigation

The longer the victim waits to file a claim, the easier it become for the opposition to suggest avoiding the lawsuit altogether based on the technicality of dragging the claim for too long.


The bottom line is, if you have suffered a personal suffering in silence will not help. Raise your voice and hire an attorney and file a claim. Gather evidence such as, photographs, testimonies from witnesses, etc. Record the data in written form of each and every event that has occurred, or which you may have faced after the injury (for example, the number of hospital visits). In case of witnesses, make sure you contact them and write down any conversation that took place. Do make sure you inform your close ones that you might be filing an injury claim.

Human life is precious and no one can put currency value or a price tag on how much a person’s worth is. Nevertheless, by raising your voice you convey an important message to the society. Human life is worthy of justice and equality for all.