8 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Criminal Laws

Jul 19, 2017

Criminal law is a strange and complex set of litigations on criminal offences. A person needs to be well-educated on local rules in order to avoid a breach of law. A majority of crimes takes place due to lack of knowledge. A responsible citizen should be aware of local laws in order to become a responsible citizen. Moreover, failing to comply with laws, even if they seem silly, may lead you to imprisonment or penalties. This will impact your track record and may cause serious troubles in future.

Following laws must be followed in order to avoid criminal offence:

1.     Public Wi-Fi Connection:

It is prohibited to access Wi-Fi connection in the United States, if you are an unauthorized user. Whether the Wi-Fi is password protected or not, you can be charged with a breach of Fraud and Computer Activity law if you connect your device without prior permission.

2.     Serving Beer with Pretzels:

Enjoying a pretzel treat is considered a crime in many states of the US, if it is combined with a cold glass of beer. Although you can enjoy other items such as peanuts and other salty snacks, but pretzels should be avoided. As per the recent modifications, the law is no more enforced.

3.     Carrying Permanent Markers:

Carrying permanent markers on a public property is banned to prevent graffiti. Even on a private property, you have to take permission of the owner to continue its use. Usually spray paints are used for this purpose, but permanent markers are also quite common.

4.     Plastic Bags:

In order to promote recycled goods, some states have imposed a ban on the use of plastic bags. Pharmacies, grocery stores and other retailers are advised to keep recyclable paper bags instead of plastic bags on checkout counters.

5.     Singing Birthday Song in Public:

Singing the Happy Birthday song in public is illegal as it breaches copyright law. You can sing the song in a private gathering of your family members but should avoid it in outdoor places. Companies organizing birthday parties have to pay a specified amount in terms of royalty if they wish to use it.

6.     Using a Fake Online Name:

Creating a social media account with a fake name is a criminal activity. The unauthorized access to a system or a website is considered against the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and is dealt with accordingly.

7.     Writing Controversial Content:

Avoid writing content that can be disturbing or controversial for any party. Legal action can be taken against fiction or stories if anyone finds it horrifying or disturbing.

8.     Playing Frisbee at the Beach:

Frisbee can be enjoyed at beach only with the permission of lifeguards. The law is actively followed in California State. Other beach sports such as kayaking, sail-boarding, football, and paddle-boarding also fall into the same category.

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